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Boring Objects

As an artist I love the boring, the overlooked. Objects that are so ordinary that nobody notices them anymore. Even when we use them every day.

When stressed or tired after hard intellectual work I find great comfort in these objects. I like the way they are exactly what they should be and how clever they are designed and constructed. And how they suffer from a chronic lack of appreciation and attention.


I’ve been making portraits of these objects for years. It helps me develop my ability to observe and comforts my autistic nervousness.

My house and studio are filled with cahiers, little books and sheets of paper that carry these boring portraits.

And all this drawing led to an even higher appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of these objects. I came to deeply love scissors, rulers and glasses. I adore average packaging and simple cups.

Boring Portraits of Boring Objects

In the lockdown I took it one step further. I slowed down even more and started embroidery. I love embroidery because it is very much associated with making sweet decorative things, and when it is used in a different way it becomes a little confusing. (Go see the Tapisserie de Bayeux) The embroidery of tools (considered boring by most people) felt like a nice thing to do.

Boring Portraits of Boring Objects (that I deeply admire)

If you’d like to know more or acquire one of the art pieces please let me know.