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The Good

In my research on how to make ethics practical, I found that many people I talk to have a clear understanding of what is good (often taught by their parents and teachers), but when they are in a professional context they loose the ability to connect to this implicit knowledge. They believe the professional world has no room for unscientific personal knowledge and intuition.

When we think of the four stages of competence model, when entering the office people seem to drop from the stage of Unconscious competence (on what is good) to Conscious incompetence in a split second.

What is the Good for you?

  • In my research I want to look deeper in this intuitive understanding of what is good.
  • And I want to explore whether making this knowledge explicit (by having conversations about it), can be helpful in being able to access it in a professional context.

Can I talk to you?

I am having many conversations to look into this. Most people experience these meetings as fun and valuable. The Good is a great topic to discuss!

I ask everyone the same 10 questions. If you’d like to contribute, please let me know at

I will share the insights later through this blog, and make them part of my book on ethics in design: Making Good.