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Designerly research methods

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences offers a minor Designing User Research. In this successful minor students learn and try different ‘designerly’ methods to research their audience or project.

The students participating in the minor come from different corners: they can be design students, people studying to become entrepreneurs, students that are into psychology or come from elsewhere within the HvA. The course leaders are very proud of that.

With the minor as a starting point we decided to publish a series of handbooks on the different methods. The books will be covering both the underlying theory and the concrete methods. They are knowledgeable and applicable at the same time.

We plan to publish two books a year. I am one of the teachers in the minor and will be the editor in chief of the series. (Yey!)

#1 Anger as a Force for Good

We start with my expertise: Anger as a Force for Good. How to save the world with anger. So happy!

Already deep into my research … 🤡

(Author and activist Soraya Chemaly on how anger is perceived by bystanders👇)